Urgent Care Billing Service

Expedite Payments for Your Urgent Care with Specialized Medical Billing

Urgent care centers face unique challenges when it comes to medical billing. Open 7 days a week with unscheduled patient visits, coding for appropriate levels of E/M services can be complex. Let our experts take your urgent care billing to the next level.

What do our Urgent Care Billing Specialists do?

  • Optimizing Coding for each patient visit to capture the full complexity and maximize reimbursement. No underbilling with our experts!
  • Managing Authorizations when required to avoid avoidable claim denials.
  • Rigorously Following Up on all claims – correcting errors, appealing denials, and solving problems that delay payments.
  • Conducting thorough Denial Analysis to identify recurring issues and implement solutions.
  • Providing Detailed Reporting on denied claims, aging bills, collection metrics and other KPIs.
  • Utilizing Cutting-Edge Software to streamline workflows, reduce bias, and improve revenue cycle performance for urgent care centers.

Join the hundreds of urgent care clinics that trust us for billing services tailored to their needs. Our devoted billing experts become an extension of your urgent care business – acting with the same urgency and dedication to your financial outcomes.

Get paid faster with proactive urgent care billing services. Contact our urgent care revenue cycle specialists today for a complimentary analysis and recommendations.