Front Desk Call Management

MIU recognizes the importance of excellent communication and management in the healthcare industry. Our Front Desk Call and Patient Care Management services are designed to give virtual help and maintain a smooth workflow for medical practices and clinics.

What We Offer

Virtual Service Excellence

Our Front Desk Call and Patient Care Management is a virtual solution tailored to the changing demands of healthcare professionals. We offer comprehensive assistance with a wide range of administrative tasks, utilizing cutting-edge technology and highly qualified personnel.

Appointment Scheduling and Medication Refills

We take pride in our ability to organize appointments that coincide with the availability of your clients. Furthermore, our team closely monitors pharmaceutical refills to ensure a timely prescription renewal process. We go above and above by coordinating pharmaceutical refills as well as guaranteeing a smooth authorization procedure.

Lab Orders and Medical Record Generation

Our services include lab order processing, which assists healthcare practitioners during the diagnostic procedure. We also develop and maintain accurate medical records, with the added convenience of email distribution for easy access and reference.

Fax Services for Enhanced Communication

In today’s digital age, we have not forgotten the importance of traditional communication. Fax services are included in our Front Desk Call and Patient Care Management packages, providing for the secure and rapid transfer of vital documents across the hospital network.
Referral Management and Insurance Authorization

We specialize in generating recommendations for your patients and gaining prior authorization from insurance providers. We reduce the administrative burden on your business by specializing in two types of prior authorizations: drugs and referrals.

Follow-Up Coordination

Maintaining continuity of care is critical. Our staff schedules follow-ups every three to six months to encourage patient engagement and monitoring.

Annual Visit Documentation

For comprehensive patient care, we meticulously record annual visits, ensuring a thorough and organized record of each patient’s health history.

Detailed Office Visit Information

Our dedication to excellence includes delivering extensive information during office visits. From appointment details to essential documentation, we ensure that your business has all of the information needed for a successful patient visit.

Patient Information Assistance and Acquisition

Our Front Desk Call and Patient Care Management services include not just providing them with the information they need, but also aggressively seeking new patients. We specialize in enticing people to use our services while gathering all required information for a smooth onboarding procedure.
Addressing Patient Concerns
We are devoted to addressing all types of patient complaints, such as billing errors, payment processing, and doctor communication. Our team uses a variety of channels, including RingCentral, emails, and ECW, to enable effective communication and problem resolution.