Medical Coding

Cracking the Medical Coding Conundrum

Our Top Tips for Increased Revenue
Medical coding is a key component in the claim submission and reimbursement process. Using the proper codes provides payers with details on patient diagnoses, rendered services, procedures performed, and more. However, inaccurate coding can lead to claim denials, lower than deserved payments, and revenue loss.
With our rigorous coding process, we ensure your practice receives the maximum legitimate reimbursement. Benefits of our coding expertise

ICD and CPT Coding

Our team medical coders have extensive training to assign the most accurate CPT, HCPCS Level II, and ICD-10 codes that capture the complete clinical picture for each patient visit. We stay up-to-date on annual coding guideline changes and understand how to optimize codes based on intricacies like medical necessity, concurrency rules, and proper sequencing.

Medical Coding Audit

With coding playing such a critical role in reimbursements, payers frequently conduct coding audits to identify improper billing practices. We ensure your codes will withstand scrutiny through best practices like:
  • Maintaining comprehensive documentation that supports your code selection.
  • Having physician query processes in place to address any vagueness in visit notes.
  • Performing internal auditing regularly to validate coding adherence and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Tracking coding trends to avoid suspicious fluctuations that could trigger external auditing.
  • Training staff regularly on compliant coding practices and ethics.
  • Developing a written compliance plan outlining steps and safeguards followed.
With our battle-tested coding skills, you can defeat denials and optimize revenue integrity. Let us help you master the coding conundrum starting today!