Pulmonary Diseases

Optimizing Reimbursement for Pulmonary Medicine Services

At MIU Medical Billing, we understand the array of services provided by pulmonary medicine physicians, from critical care to sleep medicine. Our pulmonary billing experts will ensure you receive accurate and timely reimbursement across your breadth of care.

Here is what we offer at MIU Medical Billing:

  • Precise CPT and ICD-10 coding for services like pulmonary function tests, bronchoscopies, chest CT interpretation, and more
  • Intricate billing knowledge for oxygen therapy, nebulizers, CPAP equipment, and other durable medical equipment
  • Authorization assistance for advanced diagnostics like PET scans and echocardiograms
  • Specialized protocols for billing ICU services, ventilation management, and home sleep studies
  • Meticulous claim submission, rigorous follow-up, and targeted appeals to prevent underpayments
  • Analytics identifying reasons for claim denials and revenue cycle optimization opportunities

With intimate knowledge of payer policies, we maximize legitimate reimbursement for all pulmonary medicine services. Our experts act as trusted allies supporting your practice’s financial health.

Contact MIU Medical Billing today for a complimentary assessment and expert recommendations tailored to your pulmonary medicine billing needs.