MIUMedBilling as being one of the most efficient and reasonable Medical Billing Company in the US provides the facility of helping health care providers in technological based medical billing. We will help you with the management system of practice along with other business-related data management services. With the help of our experienced and innovative team, we will provide solutions to your billing problems efficiently and cost-effectively meanwhile keeping in focus the quality of care. 



Healthcare reimbursement is the process by which private health insurers or government agencies pay for the services provided by the health care providers. After a patient receives medical treatment, the provider bills the responsible party for the costs in form of a medical claim, with the help of our team we will get clear and error-free claims to accelerate the reimbursement process for you.


We are here to help you concentrate more on medicine and the patient’s well-being while we collect the revenue for you.


Electronic Health Record

Intelli-Med EHR (Electronic Health Records)

The perfect electronic health record to complement MIU-Med Practice Management solution. MIU-Med EHR is a powerful, easy to use software solution that has been recognized within the industry for its user satisfaction, physician productivity, and customer value. It was designed by clinicians and software specialists.


Anytime, Anywhere Access With MIU-Med EHR, patient’s records are stored digitally, securely, and conveniently. They can be accessed anytime, and anywhere.

Document Your Way?

MIU-Med EHR’s newest documentation tool, Visit Note, allows you to chart patient encounters your way. Visit Note helps you stay focused on your patients, while you review medical history to collecting data for pay performance programs.

Personalized Reminders

MIU-Med EHR’s preventative health and disease management tools will alert you to a patient’s upcoming or overdue treatment and tests.

Streamline Data Capture

You can capture the data that you need to qualify for various incentive programs, including Meaningful Use and Patient Centered Medical Home.

Paperless Prescribing

Save staff time and increase patient safety and convenience with electronic prescriptions and refills.

Simplify Orders

You can maximize time spent with patients and minimize administrative burdens with MIU-Med’s EHR’s Lab Order interface. You can easily order labs and coordinate care with simplified clinical workflow and data capture tools.

Specialty-Specific Tools

MIU-Med understands the unique workflows and information needs of specialty practices. MIU-Med EHR is customizable. It is a perfect fit for all practices, shapes, and sizes. Allergy and Immunology , Cardiology , Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Dermatology , Endocrinology , Ear, Nose & Throat Gastroenterology , General Surgery , Nephrology , Ophthalmology Neurosurgery , Orthopedics , Pain Management , Pediatrics , Plastic Surgery Primary Care , Pulmonary Medicine , Rheumatology Urology , Podiatry , Women’s Health (OB/GYN)

System Highlights

You can hostMIUi-Med onsite or minimize your hardware needs and costs by allowing us to host it for you It seamlessly integrates with Intelli-Med Practice Management & Practice Analytics. It allows you to exchange information electronically with labs, pharmacies, immunization registries, and other providers through HL7 connectivity It prepares you for all regulatory changes, including ICD-10, Meaningful Use and PCMH

Doctors Achievements

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